Welcome to my new home!

Welcome welcome, c’mon in!  Finally we have arrived, my new little bloggy home for my previous blog A Mums Reality.  Complete with shiny new logo, new name and social media buttons over there on your right, where you can visit me at all my other favorite places.  Make sure you pop on over to my ‘About Me‘ page, which gives you a run down on why I made the move if you don’t already know.

Life At No 2 is where we live, and everything I write about here will be the same as at A Mums Reality, just under a new and improved roof.  After pondering for a long time, I also made the decision not to move all of my posts from A Mums Reality to here.  I wanted to start fresh from the beginning of 2013 and try to remain consistent throughout.  However, you can still visit my old blog, find the posts that you loved and see how/where it all began.  I would recommend that you pop back over to see my Self Portrait Maternity series which I began at 18 weeks and will continue here from 32 weeks.

So welcome friends to my new home! Make sure you bookmark it, put it in your Google Reader or whatever else you use too.  I love receiving feedback in the form of comments (which I always try to respond to) and emails, so please, don’t be shy!  Make sure you also visit my Instagram and Pinterest sites as well as my Twitter account and Facebook page.  You can use all of those pretty buttons there on the right to take you to my other places.

What do you think of my new surroundings?

Bel x


16 thoughts on “Welcome to my new home!

  1. Jane says:

    i love looking at your photos Bel, reading your blog gives me something to do now i’m a stay at home mum :). look forward to seeing the photos of your new little bubba, might give me some ideas for Luke (i got a DSLR for my birthday last year, but havent quite got the hang of it yet).
    i like your new logo too, very cute 🙂

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