Self Portrait Maternity – 32 weeks

A big dose of ‘back to reality’ this week, with being home and unpacking from our camping trip and hubby returning to work. The pain in my pelvis is slowly creeping back in and it’s obviously coming from doing much more since I’ve been back home (at least though I don’t have to walk as far to the loo anymore, yay for small victories!).


Bubba V is still moving around like crazy, but as the week has progressed, I’m at the point where it feels as though my skin cant stretch much more and sometimes I yelp in shock/pain if bubs moves suddenly. Insomnia has been a main feature of the week, with me going to bed around 9:30 exhuasted but lying in bed well into the night. I know I have lots on my mind too, which I am sure isn’t helping. I feel as thought I was much more organised early on in my pregnancy with Princess but this time round, I feel I am well behind the eight ball. Next week the big focus will be setting up the nursery, and buying a few essentials.

I also got to see Bubba V on the big screen for probably the last time before being born. It was just a routine scan to check some measurements, nothing at all to worry about, but it was so nice to see him/her nice and safe and growing well in my tummy. Not too much longer and the next time we will see Bubs will be when he or she is in our arms, I cant wait for it (well I can, so that baby is well and truly grown).


This photo was taken on a day out with some lovely ladies I have met through blogging (a post on that later). Lecinda from Bohemian Beautiful took this particular one for me, thanks!

My appetite has decreased slightly, a combination of the heat and my stomach feeling much more compacted than it was. My belly feels much rounder now and I am for the first time wearing tighter clothes more comfortably. Emotions have crept back in too, I find myself acknowledging them and then moving on. Princess is getting more excited by the day, constantly asking how many more weeks to go and checking an app I have to see how the baby has changed from week to week.

Bel x


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