Self Portrait Maternity – 33 weeks

My mind has completely changed focus on to the baby now. Even though I’m 33 weeks pregnant and my mind has often wandered to Bubba V, this time around things have been very different. Princess has continued to be my main focus, as is enjoying our time together as a family and trying to get my mind ready to go back to work (I’m struggling in this department!). The reality that we will soon have a baby set in this week when I finally had the carpets cleaned and moved all the baby furniture in. Yes, soon there will be another little being living in our house, who now has his/her own room. I love walking past it, staring at the furniture and imagining what the future will hold.


This week has been full of trying to get the house in order and make a big dent in getting organised for Bubba V’s arrival before I head back to work next week. I’ve shopped for some of the n0n-glamourous essentials rather than all the pretty things to put in the nursery or to dress and wrap bubs in. I took Princess shopping and she picked out a uni-sex outfit for Bubba to wear in hospital, as well as two gifts, a pink outfit in case she has a sister and a blue outfit if it is a brother (like we all think it will be).

The kicks that I am receiving are now more of the painful kind. I’m also getting those lovely ones too, you know the ones, that feel like Bubba is trying to make sure the exit route is in fact right down there! I’m enjoying long baths most nights but they don’t seem to be helping with the insomnia which seems to be getting worse. I’m often laying in bed staring at the ceiling wishing sleep will come in the wee hours of the morning, but then of course despite the tiredness, am awake early too. And for the first time this week heart burn has turned up!


I’m loving being pregnant still, I’m excited about Bubba V’s arrival. Thoughts have again turned to breastfeeding or not and gathering as much information as I can. My mind really isn’t prepared for me to go back to work, but that is what will be happening next week. I’m going to take each week as it comes and see where it takes me.

Bel x



3 thoughts on “Self Portrait Maternity – 33 weeks

  1. Laura says:

    Bubba V’s arrival is getting so close. It’s so exciting to think there will be another beautiful bub joining us soon. The nursery looks gorgeous and you are looking great Bel x

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