A portrait of my child/children, one a week for the entire year.


This week you told me that you were nervous about the baby, I asked you why and you said it’s because you’ve never had a brother or sister before.  I told you not to worry, I know that’ll you’ll be all types of awesome, you’ll be the best big sister!

You talk to the baby most days, in conversation like he/she is already here or that they can really here you.  You use my belly button like a telephone into my stomach.  You tell Bubba that it wont be long now until you meet, not long at all now.

You play with my belly and make the baby move.  It amazes you still and you never get tired of it, neither do I.

Che and Fidel

Bel x


18 thoughts on “4/52

  1. erica @ expatria, baby says:

    Oh my goodness! This! Just brought light and joy to me! What great perspective! This image is a real stunner. Nice work!
    (also, holy cow. can you imagine being the only wee one and then trying to wrap your mind around adding another to the family? that’s totally major.)

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