Nourish thyself

Last year I decided I wanted to be brave and start putting myself out there more, despite my panic attacks. The scariest thing I ever did was attend dinner with a group of bloggers, non of whom I had met before. From that night, a few of us discovered that we had a similar love of photography, and so it came to pass that we should organize a get together, lunch, cameras, chit chat and fun.

When the date came, I jumped at the chance! Then at the last-minute, dinner was also offered as a possibility. I wanted to go, but seriously, a whole day out on my own, doing my own thing with friends? What about Princess and what would Hubby think? Nah, lunch and a photography walk would be more than suffice. Until hubby stepped in, “Just do it! You never do stuff like that” he said.

At dinner one of the girls said how nice it was to be out ALL day, kid free, with no worries or cares, just enjoying time with friends and taking photos. But she also shared that she didn’t like admitting it or saying it out loud, and you know what, I knew exactly what she meant. But you know what, I DID enjoy myself and I DID love that I was kid free for a couple of reasons….

20130119-20th jan-8

20130119-20th jan-27

~For one measley afternoon I got to nourish myself and do something that I loved, without interruption.

~When I finally did get home, I knew how much I missed my girl terribly (and Hubby) and I hugged her that little bit tighter. You can’t miss someone when you are with them ALL the time.

~Princess often asks me what I did during the day, “Some washing, tidied the house, vaccumed and went to work” and usually the reply is “The boring stuff”. But after my day out she asked what I’d done and who I was with, I told her as she listened intently. She asked me questions, she looked at the photos she took, “Sounds cool Mum, like you had heaps of fun”. I wasn’t a boring Mum that day, I just wasn’t.

20130119-20th jan-24

20130119-20th jan-42

20130119-20th jan-28

So Mums of the world, when you get the offer to duck out for some kid free time, don’t feel guilty, the benefits seriously outweigh everything else!! I came shining a little brighter and loving my family all the more.

Thanks to the ladies who I lunched and photographed with and then to the others who we met up for dinner with….I had an awesome day out, loved every minute of it and getting to know you all better. Can’t wait to do it again!

My question to you is, do you feel guilty when you do get ‘me’ time? And if you could, what would you do in an afternoon?

Bel x



One thought on “Nourish thyself

  1. Sarah Bowen says:

    I’ve never really felt guilty for spending time away from my little man because I think it’s really important to keep your own sense of self and sanity as a mum, but I did used to reeeeallly miss him when I was away from him. I would think about him the whole time we were apart and would worry about him. But now I’ve learnt to relax more and enjoy my time….I still miss him though

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