Self Portrait Maternity – 34 weeks (the catch up edition!)

This week I headed back to work as my body slowly began to shut down on me again. I know that it is because holidays are over and I am doing a lot more, more around the house and preparing the nursery for Bubba V’s arrival. After two measly days at work, I am spent! Exhausted. Sore. Emotional and yes, a tad irritable.


I went to the Osteo yesterday, she fixed me as best she could and I am feeling much better today. I am already reviewing my finish date at work, even though I am only there three days a week, I just know it will take it’s toll, it already has, my body is screaming at me. I refuse to push myself to the point where I can no longer move freely without too much pain, and not be able to enjoy my time with Princess. Last night I struggled to sleep, I couldn’t get comfortable and my back ached from the pain in my pelvis. After hours of restlessness, I had to resort to panadol and heat bag at two in the morning (oh and a chocolate milk, I was starving!).


Today I visited the midwives, they say that I am doing amazingly well! Despite being confined to no exercise, I have managed to keep my weight well in check up until this point, which I am really happy about. I also had my Anti-D injection, which normally hurts like a bitch, but this time around, laying down and having it in the thigh made it almost pain free. Princess and I listened to the heart beat which is beat away nice and strong. Baby was measured, poked and prodded.


Time is nearing closer to Bubba V’s arrival, and my thoughts are now turning to the ‘actual day/night’ when it will all eventuate. I think about Princess and how best to prepare her, and I think about what I want to happen after Bub is born…..mainly that I don’t want everyone visiting straight away, rather just some time with Princess, just the four of us…..the four of us, I ove the sound of that!

Bel x


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