Self Portrait Maternity – 35 weeks

35 weeks, 5 weeks to go!! I still can’t believe it! Everyone around us says that time has gone fast, and we agree. The last five weeks seem to have snuck up on me and just quietly, today I went into a bit of ‘panic mode’. If our baby were to come in the next few days, which is unlikely, it would have nothing to wear! So in a fluster, I clambered through Hubby’s very messy and disorganised shed (he’s lucky I showed restraint, I nearly decided at one point to start pulling everything out and then ordering it all neatly) and managed to find the two boxes with Princess’ newborn clothes in it. I quickly went through them, pulling out anything and everything unisex to wash. I have one load on now as we speak and over the weekend I will fold and order it all……I already feel a little better, just a little.


I made the big decision on Tuesday whilst at work that I would in fact be finishing up next week, just before turning 36 weeks (I finished work with Princess at crazy 38 weeks!). I’m listening to my body which is becoming increasingly sore from all the walking and extra activity I am doing. So next Wednesday will be my last day at work, and I’ll begin my Maternity leave. I’ll be spending Thursdays and Fridays with Princess, some quality time, going to cafes and maybe catching a movie too, doing some crafts and having naps together. On the other days during the week she will be at kinder and I’ll be using these to rest and also to prepare.

This week as a family we spent one night, one very hot night traipsing around paddocks on a beautiful farm not too far from our town to have maternity photos done (also causing my body to shut down and become extremely sore!). Our photographer showed me a couple of photographs on his camera, and if those few are anything to go by, they are going to be stunning! In a couple of weeks I hope to show you some here. Now I am ready, now I can’t wait to meet our baby.


I have moments where I am sleeping well and nights where I don’t. My mind swirls with thoughts of Bubba V, I’m convinced it is a boy. Today I see my Doctor and I want to ask about if and how my pelvis may effect labour, it’s something I’m something to think about more now that my body is sore.

Princess is becoming increasingly excited (and maybe a little impatient). She often curls up on my lap, kissing my belly and talking to the baby. She also thinks it’s a boy. She loves touching my belly and trying to find certain body parts, “Feel this Mum, I think it’s definitely his elbow!”.

Bel x


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