Party of three

These are our last few weeks as a party of three. With every spare moment we have we are taking off on short outings, eating outdoors while enjoying each-others company and heading to our caravan down the beach. We spend evenings snuggling for longer than usual and sometimes that means three in the bed.

Celebrating the end of work and the start of maternity leave last night we headed into the city for the Night Market at the Queen Victoria Market. We wanted to make the most of the warm nights Melbourne is having at the moment.

We walked through the aisles, taking in the smells of the culturally diverse food and looking at all the available wares.

We sipped on homemade lemonade, listened to bands and watched street performers.

Soon we will be a party of four, and it doesn’t mean that these outings will end, no, not at all! But for now, we are enjoying the last moments together before our world and family changes for the better.

Bel x


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