A photograph of my child/children once a week, for the whole year

Oh my dear girl, your hair, so long and beautiful…..how can something so beautiful be such a nightmare some days?! I never let you wear it down, the knots and tangles occur instantly when it is allowed out of its elastic bonds. Maybe when you are older things will change.

Bel x


10 thoughts on “7/52

    • amumsreality says:

      Oh believe me Jane, I’m the worst at doing her hair, this looks a lot more complicated than it was, it’s just three plaits. Her Aunty is an amazing braider and Phoebe wont even flinch when she does it! xx

  1. Sharlene says:

    oh wow! her hair is amazing! that braid is amazing! and i totally hear you on the hair thing! riley hates wearing hers up and brushing it can be quite the chore, and it isn’t anywhere near as long as your girl’s!

    • amumsreality says:

      Santa bought Phoebe a tangle teezer brush for Christmas, so now when we have time, I let her start brushing her hair with that and then I step in when most of it is done. It can be such a chore like you said. x

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