A photograph of my child/children once a week, for the whole year

Oh my dear girl, your hair, so long and beautiful…..how can something so beautiful be such a nightmare some days?! I never let you wear it down, the knots and tangles occur instantly when it is allowed out of its elastic bonds. Maybe when you are older things will change.

Bel x


10 thoughts on “7/52

    • Oh believe me Jane, I’m the worst at doing her hair, this looks a lot more complicated than it was, it’s just three plaits. Her Aunty is an amazing braider and Phoebe wont even flinch when she does it! xx

  1. oh wow! her hair is amazing! that braid is amazing! and i totally hear you on the hair thing! riley hates wearing hers up and brushing it can be quite the chore, and it isn’t anywhere near as long as your girl’s!

    • Santa bought Phoebe a tangle teezer brush for Christmas, so now when we have time, I let her start brushing her hair with that and then I step in when most of it is done. It can be such a chore like you said. x

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