Big Sister Kit

Bubba V’s arrival is now imminent and we are all so excited and can’t wait. As part of preparations, like most second time parents, I have also been focused on how to make Princess feel special on this day. I’m loving the fact that she is four and understands so much, so I have been sourcing products to make her a “Big Sister Pack” which will be from Bubba V when Princess arrives at the hospital.

Originally I was going to attempt to make most of the things to put in the pack, but with work and general household organization I knew I would run out of time. So I yet again, I hit the computer and my regular online shopping haunts, I also popped down to the local shops. Here is what will be part of her kit.

20130220-_DSC0250Big Sister T-shirt, plain tee from Kmart and iron on decal from this Ebay store.

20130220-_DSC0251Princess already has heaps of dolls, so it was pointless in my eyes to buy her another. Instead, I found this oh so cute doll sling that she can use and wear (just like Mum). Found on Etsy.

20130220-_DSC0252Princess loves taking photos (just like her Mum), so I bought her her own disposable camera that she can use to snap away when she arrives to meet her brother or sister. I just picked it up from the local Kmart. I’m also on the hunt either for a cute frame or little album.

20130220-_DSC0253At this stage, I’m not sure how long I will be in hospital, I very well could be home within hours. Just in case I’m not though, I thought it best to give Princess something to play with (although she does have more than enough Aunties and Uncles to keep her entertained). So play dough it is! I particuluarly like these ones as they have there on stamps/cutters on the lids, it saves carting and loosing extra play dough tools. Also picked up from the local Kmart.

20130220-_DSC0255And I saved the best til last, this sweet little necklace, also found on Etsy. I know Princess will just love this one to bits!

What would you add to the kit?

Bel x


11 thoughts on “Big Sister Kit

  1. Mel says:

    love the necklace bel. phoebe will love it but even more will love being a big sister and ‘helper’ to you, michael and bubba v. xx

  2. Kim says:

    What a beautiful idea. Phoebe is so going to love her role as big sister. My boys each got something each time they became a big brother, and they still remember that. Getting so excited for you all xxx

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