Self Portrait Maternity – 37 weeks

What a week it has been! I honestly thought that when I finished work I would have more time for blogging, but rather it has seemed to be the complete opposite. On the days Princess is at Kinder, I try to get all the washing and housework done so that we have quality time together when she gets home. I’ve also been relaxing too, which has been all types of lovely. I actually stop and watch a TV show over lunch and have started to pick up books during my down times. So when it comes to blogging, I kind of run out of time.

My body is still oh so sore. Some days are much better than others. The constant Melbourne heat has been knocking me around quite badly, I feel nauseous and lethargic, and a tad on edge. The nesting instinct has kicked in of course, but I have been following my body and managing to stopping myself short of washing all the walls and the skirting boards (yes, this was one of the things I have been wanting/needing to do). I nest away in the mornings, and in the afternoons try to relax.


I had my weekly checkup at the Doctors and despite baby measuring perfectly each week, this week something has happened. Instead of being 37cm at 37weeks, this week my baby’s little home grew to 40cm!! My Strep B test also came back and it was negative, this seems to have put a whole new spin on things for me. As when I was pregnant with Princess I tested positive, which meant I went almost straight to hospital and had the complete and utter guidance of midwives throughout. This time the results mean that I can stay at home, I’m not sure I am prepared for this yet, so I have started some reading and chatting to friends. Any advice for me?


This week has also been a testing emotional one, which I wrote about the other day here. I’m doing the best as Princess’ Mum, but some days I wonder if it is enough. Her change at Kinder has been the most worrying to me, I can only hope that it gets better.

Bel x


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