Self Portrait Maternity – 38 weeks

I never got to the ‘over point’ when I was pregnant with Princess, despite being more than a week over due, I just honestly loved every minute of being pregnant with her. This time though, I can say I’m slowly getting to that point. I’m still loving my pregnancy, don’t get me wrong, but my pelvic instability has been a large burden on my everyday life. I long to just be able to take a short walk (like to the park with Princess), but at the moment, I struggle to make the letter box! And let me tell you, a nesting pregnant woman with an already sore pelvis, just makes for an even sorer lady.


Night times are restless due to my pelvis, and I find it hard to get to sleep. I nap during the days with Princess, which has definitely been a godsend. Last night there seemed to be a large party going on in my uter-house, not sure what the heck was going on, but it was met with lots of laughs, tears and screams from me. Today when I visit my Doctor for my check up it will be interesting to see where baby is located.

The heat has knocked me around this week, with consecutive humid Melbourne days, there has been no relief. Today I welcome Autumn, cooler weather but with the sun still shining. I’m prepared for baby now after an hour short nesting tornado the other day which took even me by suprise. I manage to complete dusting, sweeping, mopping, de-cobwebbing, washing in and out and folded, scrubbed bathroom and toilet, not to mention all my light switches are now sparkly and bright!


I’ve continued reading about dealing with labour pain in order to prepare myself for a longer stay at home. Names are officially locked in (although I have said that before and then Hubby has suprised me by saying that he thought we were yet to decide!). We have also talked briefly about what will happen immediately after we have bubs in regards to Princess and then family and other visitors, putting my mind greatly at ease once again.

So, for the next week or two, despite the ongoing pain, I’m going to enjoy every minute of being pregnant, this will be the last.

Bel x


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