Self Portrait Maternity – 39 weeks

Damn you Melbourne for having a longer than expected summer this year! Yes I have air conditioning and yes I have been staying close to home, but my lord, when you are this big and the nights hold little relief, it all becomes a bit too much! All week it has been thirty plus degrees and now it looks like these temperatures are heading well into next week. My appetite is almost non-existent at the moment, I’d much prefer cold water, orange crush cordial or an icey-pole to see me through. Cool baths and showers have also been awesome, I’m glad we aren’t on water restrictions any more!

Wednesday Phoebe only has a half day at Kinder and I pick her up at 11:30, I’ve made it ‘our’ day and once Bubba V is a little older, I’m hoping that he/she can go and have snuggles with family while I continue this little tradition. Wednesday, it was of course stinking hot, so I packed a bag, collected Phoebe and drove us straight to the local pool. Oh my, it was all types of heaven! Phoebe was wrapt by the surprise trip, the water was neither cold nor too hot, and the way the water made my belly weightless was seriously awesome. Getting out of the pool saw the instant return of pressure, reminding me how close we are to meeting the newest member of our family.

I never really got to the ‘over it’ point or the uncomfortable stage when I was pregnant with Phoebe, but this past week has seen both happen! I’m finding it hard to sleep, like harder than normal. Last night saw me finally sleep at 3:30am and awake a couple of hours later. I’m heading to my weekly Doctors appointment in an hour or so, I’m hoping she’ll shed some more light on the current goings on with my body and baby and whether she thinks we will meet our newest member sooner rather than later! In all honesty, I’m hoping that this will be my last maternity post!

Hubby wakes when I move or head to the loo, always checking that I’m ok before quickly nodding back off. My waters broke with Phoebe in the middle of the night and I think subconsciously we both think this is how it may go down again. Phoebe, Hubby and I are all so excited, along with our family and friends. I have to put things in perspective at times, it can’t be any longer than two more weeks before we meet our bub, it could be earlier too. But for now the waiting game continues.

Bel x


10 thoughts on “Self Portrait Maternity – 39 weeks

  1. Jess @ myheartisyourhome says:

    My waters broke just before I was about to go to sleep with Evie and in my mind thats how I see it happening this time too. We will both most likely be suprised by a different experience! I really hope this is your last post too honey… I look forward to seeing your announcement and I just hope mine is soon to follow!

    Good luck with the heat xx

    • amumsreality says:

      Definitely think we will both have different experiences this time, but guess we just gave to wait and see. I hope my bub is here soon and yours arrives swiftly after xx

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