A portrait of my children each week, for a year. Joining in with Che and Fidel.

*You may have noticed I’ve been a little slack of late with my Project 52 posts. I am taking photos, however I’m just finding it hard to grab time to edit the images. I am trying my best to keep going, so bare with me, some posts may be a week or two late….bit like this one!


Ragamuffin, your first ever camping trip at just two weeks old and the obligatory bath in the caravan sink. At the moment you are NOT a fan at all of bath time, or being naked for that, matter, very similar to your sister when she was your age but after a short while we couldn’t get her out of the bath, I’m sure you will be the same. You were an absolute dream on your first camping trip, some people thought we were crazy for even going, others have been amazed and even envious that we did it and survived.


Happy Easter Princess! One of the most memorable moments when we camp at Easter is when the Easter Bunny visits. There have been years where tears were present, but this year, you were the most eager and was the first on the Bunny’s knee. I loved watching the excitement on your face and your eagerness to get out of the van on Easter morning to see what had been left behind. These are the moments I treasure and try to capture all at the same time.

Bel x


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