The second time round, one month in

Today my baby boy is one month old, crazy ain’t it? It both seems like yesterday that he was laid on my chest but on the same token, like a lifetime ago. So how is my lil family going and how am I……

I’ll admit, things seem very different this time around. My beautiful girl, my first child Princess has taught me a lot over the past four and a half years. I definitely feel more relaxed this time, more at ease with this mothering business and more comfortable in my decisions and choices. I have her to thank for that, and so much more!!

I seem to be coping much better this time around with the lack of sleep, I’m not sure whether pregnancy insomnia set me up well for this or whether my body has been less traumatized by it second time around. I’ll admit it though, at 10pm when I go to bed I crash into a blissfully deep sleep and at 8am after Ragamuffin’s bottle if I don’t start my day, I feel sluggish. I get to sleep quicker and much deeper than when I did with Princess, this has helped to no end.

I don’t get stressed about his sleeping like I did with Princess, I’m going with the flow and keeping calm. If I have trouble settling him I pop him in the Hugabub in order to get stuff done, or head off for a walk and if worse comes to worst we lay down together (he is asleep beside me now snoring, I can’t sleep today for some reason, so here I am blogging).

My protectiveness is fierce! Don’t get me wrong, I was and am still very protective over Princess, but when she was born I was excited, so very excited and I loved showing her off to others, letting people hold her and mind her. My protectiveness was different and has grown stronger over the years. But with Ragamuffin, I’m not sure of what it is….maybe it’s because I know he is my last, because I’ve learnt and grown.

Our family unit is working so well! We know our rolls and dance them like a perfect waltz. Princess has adjusted beautifully to her roll as big sister, and she manages to still sleep at night AND have her day nap even if he is crying! I’m rocking the mother of two gig at the moment, bathing, washing, dressing and organizing two kidlets all before Hubby gets home! Hubby then prepares dinner and we all head off for an evening walk. He does the last bottle of the night while I wash, sterilize and make bottles for tomorrow. I tidy the house and do the dishes, while he snuggles the kids on the couch. I settle the kids off to bed while Hubby dances his dance of making lunches and organizing what’s for dinner tomorrow. We work well together Hubby and I, Princess and Ragamuffin, the four of us together.

This is not to say the shit won’t hit the fan occasionally, of course it will, and has done on some days! But, we take stock, we learn, and we move on hoping tomorrow will be better. And if all else fails, we stop, we lay on the floor beside each other and we listen to music (a post about that soon!).

A month has passed and I look forward to the next, all the while treasuring the now! Thanks for ALL of your kind words, support and advice over the past few weeks via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, love to you all!!

Bel x


2 thoughts on “The second time round, one month in

  1. Bec | Mumma Tells says:

    I’ve been trying to comment on your blog posts for DAYS now… the iPad keeps eating them! Grrr. It’s so lovely to hear how relaxed, and settled you are as a family. Your babes are just gorgeous. X

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