The magic of music

There have been moments especially in the last week, where Ragamuffin has been unsettled….. inconsolable with hugs, rocking, patting or shhhhhing. You know the scenario of witching hour?

Witching hour however has helped me rediscover my love for music (as a listener) and the pure and simple magic off it.

I searched my mind one night for solution to Ragamuffin’s cries, massage….not digging it, laying on his belly…..totally not impressed, nappy off time….a little relief. Then it came to me, music! I searched my iPhone for a song, I whacked on the newest download by Passenger called Let Her Go. And then the magic happened.

Ragamuffin turned his head to the side, gazing towards where the sound came. Princess stopped too and sat on my lap. I sang and hummed softly, as did Princess. An Xavier Rudd song followed, even more soothing for our lil man than the previous.

Jenn Unger reminded me via Instagram about the song Little Chief by Xavier, and with this one, not only did it pull at my heart strings, it completely transformed Ragamuffin. As the words drifted into our living room, the world stopped, if only for a few minutes. It settled my boy, relaxed his Mum, stopped Princess in her tracks and made the three of us take a moment in this crazy busy world of ours.

Every night now before bath time we have begun a new ritual, laying on the floor, and listening as music envelops us.

What do/did you do to settle your babes?



2 thoughts on “The magic of music

  1. Bec | Mumma Tells says:

    Love, love, LOVE Xavier Rudd. I actually never thought of trying music to settled the {little} Bug Girl when she was younger… although considering how much she lives music now, it might just have worked! Popping her in my stretchy (like a hug-a-bub) or woven wraps always worked a treat. She loved the closeness I think. X

    • amumsreality says:

      Bec believe me, I never thought of music with Phoebe, I think I am following my instincts a lot more this time around! Ramsey loves his hugabub, I can’t see many babies who wouldn’t like the closeness of their mum or dad. x

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