A portrait of my children each week, for a year. Joining in with Che and Fidel.


Ragamuffin, this week you had your first sleeps in your cot during the day, in your very own room. I love the space that I have created for you, I hope that one day you too will love it and enjoy it as your own little sanctuary. My favorite thing is the origami mobile that hangs above your bed and moves gently when we walk in the room. Although now you are starting to keep your Dad and I awake a little more at night with the cute and funny noises you are making, I’m not sure whether I am ready yet to take the plunge and let you stay overnight in your own room (even though they are literally right next door to each other!). Princess lasted only a week or two sleeping in our room, you are now beyond four weeks, you are much quieter than she was, but you are getting there as each night passes.


Princess, it’s your last week of school holidays and I must say, as hard as I thought it might be having both you and Ragamuffin home for two weeks, I have enjoyed every minute and have loved some of the quality time we have been able to spend together (especially as Ragamuffin is now on bottles). This week we made Cloud Dough together. I loved watching you imagine and make a jungle scene, complete with waterhole and paths. You played for at least an hour, moulding the Cloud Dough and changing the environment, adding animals and taking them away, and explaining to me what you had made. You packed it away, you returned to it a few times throughout the day and throughout the week. I love this age, watching you imagine and play.

Bel x


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