16/52 and 17/52

A photo of my children each week, for an entire year.  Linking up with Che and Fidel.

So last week I thought I was all caught up, but somewhere along the lines in the newborn haze, I was in fact still behind a week.  So here I am, REALLY catching up this time!



No longer a newborn but a baby now.  I’m still not sure where all the time has gone.  you love laying on my bed and gazing out the window at the morning light.  I want you to stop growing so fast, but at the same time I want to see the little man you will become.  But for now, I enjoy your snuggles, and the sweet smell of you.


Being a teacher can sometimes impact on me being a mother.  I have noticed things, you standing so freaking close to the television, reading books only a few centimeters from your nose and holding the iPad just as close.  So on the weekend you had your eyes tested for the first time, and just as I suspected, you will need glasses.  We tried a few on and you exclaimed how “they are already making me see better!”, I didn’t have the heart to tell you that it was just window glass you were looking though.  Either way, you are as proud as punch and it doesn’t bother you one bit, for which I am glad.



Awake times are becoming more regular and much more settled as we slowly drift into routine.  You gaze at things that we can’t see, you look for your sister and Dad when they enter rooms and you can hear their voices.  You know exactly who I am, and now you make eye contact, smile at me and gooo and gaaaaa.  This moments melt my heart no matter how many times they occur in an ordinary day.


A weekend away in the bush.  No need to take any toys, you always make your own fun whether it be exploring, collecting or running around, there is never a dull moment.  Each night after dinner, we sat around the campfire and you would find the perfect stick to roast marshmallows.  You had your technique down pat, in and out, check, in and out, make it catch fire, blow it out, cool it down slightly and eat.


Bel x


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