Paths of Suprise

Last week Hubby managed to have Friday off, something he never ever normally does, even if he is sick man-flu style! But he did and it was made all the more awesome by the public holiday, meaning we had have four days together as a family!! So we packed up the car ( boot full to the brim because of the pram, bassinette and all the other baby bits required) and set off to my Dad and Step-Mum’s place a few hours away.

The best part about the weekend was the paths of suprise that we took. We had planned to go up there, sit around in the fresh country air and relax, maybe even drop in to watch the local footy with some friends. Instead, we changed it up, which made for lots of fun and lots of firsts for us and for Princess.



Went fishing, Princess’ first time AND she actually caught a fish (even if itroud of herself! was Carp). Unfortunately I missed the actual event, I was back at the house with Ragamuffin, but Hubby assures me there were squeals of delight as she reeled it in. She was so proud of herself, as were we!

20130427-20130427-_DSC0189 20130426-20130426-_DSC0153 20130428-20130428-_DSC0243

Walks along the river, it doesn’t get much better! I was thankful I took the Hug-a-bub, it was a godsend as Ragamuffin was somewhat unsettled during the day. I think it was a combination of him having his needles at the beginning of the week and a growth spurt to boot!

20130427-20130427-_DSC0237 20130427-20130427-_DSC0233 20130427-20130427-_DSC0194

And then we went to our first ever Muster. Think cowgirls and cowboys, loads of horses, campfires, wood chopping, and loads of dust swirling around. Us thong wearing city folk had a great morning but it was hard explaining to Princess why she couldn’t have a pony ride….. she didn’t get the whole, they own the horses they are riding bizzo.


Ragamuffin seemed to sleep much better when he was outside or being held). Fresh air really does fix most things doesn’t it?


And as per usual when she can get into the great outdoors, no toys were required and Princess kept herself occupied (as well as running our Hosts ragged!).

It was a great weekend away, with many wonderful memories. It has made me want to get out into the great outdoors more with the kids and start exploring new places.

Do you have any great places that you love to visit and explore with your kids, especially in Victoria that you can suggest?

Bel x


One thought on “Paths of Suprise

  1. Mel says:

    Hey Bel, the shots are gorgeous and kids love getting dirt under their nails and fresh air. We are soon to explore the country much more with a move to Echuca come mid June…it is exciting and daunting all at the same time to leave such a wonderful support network of family and friends here…having said that i look forward to space, fresh air, more downtime, and less traffic…freedom for the girls whilst they are young that they just wouldn’t get 8km from the cbd. I hope we all settle and the girls get to enjoy childhood in regional Victoria (where neighbours still chat to each other…like when we grew up) xx. You guys will have to come and visit!

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