A photo of my children each week for an entire year. Linking up with Che & Fidel

Melbourne has given us some kick-arse Autumn weather this week with consecutive days if 25 degrees. This has meant impromptu visits to the park including a surprise picnic for Princess, Ragamuffin, this last week you are like a different baby, no longer fighting your day time naps, rather nodding off fuss free and resettling yourself after one sleep cycle mostly by yourself. We laid on the picnic rug while Princess played. The sweet dancing of the gums overhead lured you into a deep sleep.

We picked you up from Kinder with a surprise picnic hidden from your eyes. You love being outdoors and this was the perfect day for it! The last few weeks you have been testing your Dad and I, pushing the boundaries and finding that we are standing firm, this week though, your normal calmness has reappeared (praise The Lord!!) and as a result, we have been heading out and enjoying each others company.

Bel x


One thought on “19/52

  1. Jane Hallisey says:

    Oh hasn’t this weather been delightful.. perfect for trips to the park and picnics!! My your little man is growing so fast! Glad he is sleeping more in the day for you, must be a relief! Lets catch up one thursday soon xx

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