Baby steps

I started this morning off with a brisk walk with my bestie, we’ve made it a weekly thing and I’m loving it! Either one of us could have easily cancelled, she was up into the wee hours of the morning and I was up and down all night with the kids. But you know, once you get moving you feel better for it.

And in the interest of being accountable, I’m starting to set myself weekly goals, which I’ll share with you here and update on my Facebook page……you know, so I don’t just have me to answer to!

This week, my aim is to have NO soft drink, none at all. Over the years it has become a part of my everyday life, so much so now that its an automatic thing and I think nothing of it even if I have more than one can in a day. So it’s starts today, lets see how I go!

Do you have any goals this week?

Bel x


2 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. Jane Hallisey says:

    Oh Bel, you will feel so much better without soft drink! You could always have mineral water and lemon/lime… also water with lemon and cucumber and orange slices!

    My goal for the week is to take it easy exercising, after being sick all week I want to make sure I am fully recovered before going too hard!

    Making a commitment with someone to go walking is great, its also an awesome time to catch up too

    Have a good week lovely

  2. Bec | Mumma Tells says:

    Baby steps are steps – forward momentum. I’ve recently begun a diet overhaul – cutting out {most} sugar, and increasing my protein intake – in an attempt to tackle my unstable blood sugar levels and I noticed a difference almost immediately. It’s my goal to keep on with these positive changes – and find some new “clean” recipes to try. I hope cutting out soft drink has the same effect for you. X

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