Getting the ball rolling

Sunday night, Sunday night……that’s when I’ll be turning my Facebook account off for three whole months. There’s no turning back now, I’ve let all my friends know. I posted a status on Facebook, and as Hubby says “If it’s on Facebook it must be true!”. Can you tell Hubby doesn’t have an account and hates that particular social media sight?

I’ve already started calling some friends more than I would normally text or email. It’s been nice and a lot of the time they seemed to be shocked because I’m not ringing for any one particular purpose, rather than to just, you know, chat!

Tonight I sat down and wrote my first lot of handwritten letters, it was fun and somewhat soothing….although my hand did become a little sore and the old handwriting ain’t what it used to be. I went searching the other day for some nice paper to write on, a letter set if you will, and you know what? I couldn’t bloody find one, not one! Just goes to show you that I’m probably right in thinking that letter writing is almost a dead concept. I ended up sourcing a printable version via etsy, it has cute little snails on it….coz, you know, I’m writing snail mail!

I’m really looking forward to dedicating part of my Friday nights to writing, a bit of me time if you will. I’ll be reconnecting with a couple of old friends and making a few new ones hopefully along the way too. Princess will be doing some too, well, a word here and there, and some beautiful pictures too. She’s way excited!

Apparently after my last post, I’ve prompted some of you too to think closely about how you feel about social media…….what conclusions have you come too (and its cool if you are still totally in love with Facebook!).

Bel x


8 thoughts on “Getting the ball rolling

  1. linbritt says:

    You are so right! I went looking for letter writing pads yesterday for the kids at school and couldn’t find ANY! I was surprised but now that I think about it, it is a dying communication form.

    Love the snail for snail mail!!!

  2. Kim Richards says:

    you’re making me want to join the black out too. Far too much time spent on such an unimportant thing, (as I currently sit here flipping back and forth between reports and fb…) Do I join the ‘blogging’ world so I still feel like my love affair with this computer is maintained, without the endless ‘like this and 1 million kittens will be saved’ posts popping up everywhere… or do I go cold turkey?? Is it too late to become penpals? haha

    • Kim Richards says:

      I’m now blogging…. absolutely clueless about what I’m doing, so perhaps you need to ‘write’ me a ‘how to’ manual! 🙂

    • amumsreality says:

      For me it’s been a big decision that has taken a lot of time. I know there will be times where I struggle. I’m staying here blogging because I LOVE writing and the little community I have here, and Instagram, because I’ve always had a passion for photography.
      If you want some snail mail, shoot me an email, never too late xx

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