When the shit hitith the fan!

Ten weeks and two days, that is how old Ragamuffin was when the shit finally hitith the fan. After days of insistent cap nap and crying, I lost all perspective, and I finally dropped all the balls I’ve been juggling, fell to the kitchen floor and called Hubby. I made the phone call not really sure of what the hell I wanted from it, instead it turned into me blaming him for everything and me finally ending up in tears.  Ten weeks and two days since Ragamuffin was born, and this is how long it has taken for the tears to finally bust down those flood gates.

What do you do when the shit hits the fan at your place? Me, I don’t stay here, four walls confining me when I feel like that just doesn’t work. So I tend to get creative. A few weeks back when the sun still had bite in it and we all needed a sleep, I took Princess and Ragamuffin outside and we all laid on the double hammock for hours. The swaying of the trees overhead, the cool breeze and the distant sound of birds chirping worked it’s magic and lulled us into a beautiful afternoon siesta.

Last week I got inventive again, I pilled the kids into the car because, for one I knew that Ragamuffin would go straight to sleep and I could take a deep breath and so could Princess. We drove for well over an hour into the country to a quaint waterfall, why? Because I knew, and I know, the bush calms me, the fresh air in my lungs soothes me, Princess loves the great outdoors and we both love exploring.


We walked, talked, explored, blew frost out of our mouths, smelt distant fires burning, and dreamt, all the while Ragamuffin slept and snored.


Doesn’t look like a Mum who had hours previous lost her marbles does it? No! Told you the country air worked wonders on me. This beautiful photo was taken by Princess using my very heavy DSLR, she did a good job I thought!

We then headed back to the car, fed Ragamuffin and afterwards sat and ate the small picnic I had thrown together in the two minutes before we ran out the door. We headed back off down the road, Ragamuffin once again succumbed to sleep, as Princess and I watched the Autumn trees whip by us as we drove to the Chocolate Mill. Milkshakes and chocolate also make things seem brighter!


All in all, what started as a crap, tear jerking day, turned out to be a magical round trip of around five hours! I’m so glad that I just made that spur of the moment decision….when things aren’t working, change them and get creative I now say!! I’m hoping to get out and explore more with the kids, not just when the shit hits the fan.

What would you have done if you were in my position? Do you stay put and soldier on, or do you find another solution?

Bel x


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