Styling me

First of all this is not a sponsored post at all, rather an experience gifted to me from Hubby and the kids for Mothers Day in order to boost my confidence and self love.

I had a couple of aims when I hired a stylist, mainly I wanted to come home with a better idea of how to dress for my body and of course how to hide my troubled belly. What I left with was much more.

I initially emailed Meaghan to see if she thought she could help me. She was very confident and thorough in her answer and I immediately felt happy in my decision to work with her. After I made payment, a questionnaire was sent and I answered as best I could. From here Meaghan obviously did her own research before we met to shop.

When I arrived, Meaghan explained how quickly the two hours would fly, and my god was she right! She came with a plan, she had done her research, so it was an effective and targeted attack in a huge shopping center. I didn’t spend even a quarter of the cashola I had with me, I didn’t even leave with a full outfit but what I left with much much more than that.

I now know the parts of my body that are my assets, that I need to rock and draw attention to and I now know how to do that. I know what my body shape is and tips and have the tips on how to dress for that shape. I left not with shopping bags, rather with confidence in myself and my body and armed with the tools to now shop up a spree on my own!

If you are interested in hiring your own stylist I would highly recommend Meaghan Smith she made me feel at ease and really helped me to understand how and where to shop. Check out the ‘services’ section of her website, where she shares what she can do with you and costing.

So, I left with the one item I wanted to which was a pair of jeans, a beautiful cardi and some camisoles that smooth out my mid section, knowledge about my body shape, awareness of my best assets, tips to dress for my body, but most of all, I honestly left loving myself that little bit more!

If you have any questions about my experience, feel fee to ask.

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Styling me

  1. linbritt says:

    Her link doesn’t work Bel, not through google either. Might wanna let her know. Sounds like a great experience. Even though you didn’t buy much did you try much on?

    • amumsreality says:

      Thanks Linda, will try and contact her. Oh my god, did I try on stuff…. that’s all I did really but it was a good experience to see what worked and what didn’t and why

  2. leicia rogers says:

    glad to her Meaghan uplifted your clothes spirit. I also got given Meaghan as a gift for my 40th. I agree whole heartedly on all your comments. I still – 2 years later – feel her on my shoulder when i’m trying on new clothes… Her mantra rings in my head all the time. Great news Linda… BTW – Meaghan put me onto your blog – and I likey

  3. rebecca Tail says:

    Normally your shopper paraphrases the feedback she gets & we never see the clients actual posts. Nice to see this and that you exist & are happy.

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