On new blogs and erasing negativity

First of all, I would like to preface this post by saying that I know everyone has crappy days, life wouldn’t be life without them now would it? It’s what we do with those days that matters, I’m starting to see that more and more in recent weeks.

My Facebook blackout has hit week number two, and with no urge whatsoever to log on to see what I have been missing, I have rather been focusing on what I have gained. Most noteworthy, it seems that a lot of negativity has been taken from my life and replaced with fresh new thoughts and eyes to look at the world and the situations I find myself in. I myself have been completely guilty of jumping on Facebook and having a good ol’ rant about my hellish shitty day that I’ve been having, but in the last few months that I was on logging on, to me, it ‘felt’ like this was all that was popping up in my feed (notice I said felt, I could very well be wrong).  And I found it starting to drag me down, this was my issue however, not the people on my friends list.

Since I have logged off, I’ve had my odd shitty day (including a doll throwing incident which I am not proud of at all), but I am finding myself not focusing on the negatives as much as I did, rather than moving through my day and learning valuable lessons along the way (including that it you throw a baby born hard enough onto floorboards, she will in fact loose her head). If you are my friend, my new found attitude doesn’t mean that you can’t vent and share with me your crappy day, it just means that I may now respond to you differently, it doesn’t mean I’ll walk away and not listen, cause you know me and that ‘ain’t my style at all!

I just always think, that no matter how bad the situation is that I am in, there is always someone out there worse off than me…..it really does help to put things into perspective sometimes. No matter how bad my day is now, I think carefully about what I’m going to do with it, I can either whinge about it (which I may very well still do just to get it out) or work through it and hopefully learn something from the experience.

And now, on my new found positivity, I’ve been discovering some beautifully inspiring blogs out there lately, there are so many, I just know I’m only scratching the surface. Head over to my Favourite Reads section which I have just updated, you might find some new spots to visit!!

Let me know if you have found any inspiring blogs recently, I’d love to visit them!

Bel x


2 thoughts on “On new blogs and erasing negativity

  1. Brydie says:

    We have bad days too, sometimes it’s them & sometimes it’s me.
    I’d love to hear more about this “doll throwing” incident haha
    I have a dint in the stainless steel sink where I smashed a chopping board down a few times.

    Also the local library just reopened, we visited today and it’s a fantastic place phoebe would love it.

    • amumsreality says:

      Will definitely tell you the story one day, lets just say it also involved lots of tears…..seriously my worst mothering moment by far!
      The official opening day is Saturday, my sister will be working there. I’ve already heard great things and can’t wait to visit!

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