Being selfish

Saturday I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before, completely unlike me, and quite frankly utterly selfish!

I’ll pack one bag instead of four, I’ll jump into my car alone…Hubby will eagerly wave me off telling me to have a great time and not to worry about a thing…..I’ll be heading to our caravan down the coast for one night, completely alone! By myself, just me and no body else…..did I mention I’m going alone?

I’m going for no other reason than that i joked about it and then Hubby urged me to actually do it and to have some me time, and although I’m apprehensive, I know I deserve it and am quietly looking forward to it.

I’m envisioning lounging around under a Doona in my trackies, eating and drinking naughty things, watching a movie, maybe heading off for a spot of shopping with a possible visit to the day spa. A quiet walk along the beach, some photo taking and catching up on some blog reading. An unbroken nights sleep and a sleep in will be mighty refreshing…..although I just know I’ll wake up automatically for Ragamuffin’s 3am feed even though he’ll be miles away. It’ll be my first night away from him but I know Hubby is way more than capable of having the kids.

The best part of the whole weekend, apart from the obvious, will be coming home. I’ll be completely refreshed and back to my A Game (right now I’m probably a B) and I always miss them when I am away from them… makes me appreciate and love them just that little bit more (even that’s even possible!).

Have you ever done something like this just for you? Would you dare? And if you did, would you feel the dreaded mummy guilt?

Bel x


2 thoughts on “Being selfish

  1. Brydie says:

    I love this idea! I’ve dreamt about escaping by myself but never did.
    I’m having a night away soon with other mum friends for a 30th and I’ve got my fingers crossed behind my back that we end up staying in & watching movies with an early night!

    Id definitely visit the day spa, walk along the beach & sleep a lot. Wear some nice clothes & straighten your hair. Maybe even go out for tea then open a bottle of vodka in bed 🙂
    Do it know before you totally burn out.

    You’ve picked a great hubby who understands its important for you and one who is competent and capeable of kid wrangling alone.
    Of course you’ll miss them, but enjoy the peace and quiet and lay perfectly still

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