Can’t stop

I haven’t been here for a small moment, I can’t stop the daily living of my beautiful life. You know how it is, the fun stuff, the not-so fun days, the daily chores that reappear the next day again like they were never done. Memories made, kept and held tightly. Cold days with blue skies, huddling by the fire and spending time just being.

Princess seems to be growing so fast. A young girl is appearing right before my very eyes. Wobbly teeth and school enrollment forms being filled out are tell tale signs. I call her bub, and she tells me that’s she’s not my baby any more, and god how I know she is right! I revel in how quickly she is learning things and how passionate she is about absorbing information. We talk about beauty, and she tells me how it’s better to be beautiful on the inside, how that’s the only thing that makes you beautiful on the outside too. How wise my girl is becoming and how proud I am of her.

Ragamuffin too is changing so quickly! We think we’re getting on top of his early waking and catnapping business, I’m whispering this and hoping I don’t jinx myself! And once it is sorted, I’ll feel more at ease leaving him with family. The discovery of his hands, the fascination of something so simple can keep him engaged and give hours of enjoyment. The smiles never end and the laughter has begun. His eyes follow his sister and he constantly talks to her and tries to grab her attention. He is such a content baby and at this point right in time, I’m loving my role as stay at home mum (when Princess was his age I was already back at work part time eeeek!).
br />
(I wish I lived here! We stayed at this beautiful place over the weekend)
The days pass by quickly and the nights roll on. Before I know it, the weekend is here again and I savor the time the four of us have together. And then it all begins again, another week to tackle, another week closer to this year ending.

What has been keeping you buys lately?

Bel x<


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