Kicking Winter’s arse!

I’m a lover of Winter but not of the wet, the puddles and mud! I love the sound of the rain on the roof, as long as its at night. I love the cool, it means the fire is lit and there is a big excuse to snuggle and say no to heading out.

This past week my oh my, Melbourne has well and truly kicked Winter’s arse! Cool days but blue, cloudless skies, like seriously the most beautiful skies I can ever remember Winter delivering!

It’s meant days outdoors with the kids without having to be totally rugged up and with gumboots on! Like today, Ragamuffin can lay on a blanket out in the sun, while Princess runs around pretending she is a netballer and I’m kicking back on the couch outside and seriously just enjoying time with my kids on what is yet another glorious day.

Time however ticks by quickly, and before I know it, the bath and bedtime routine begins again. Tomorrow I hope to wake to blues skies again, I want the four of us to be able to enjoying it together on we the weekend.

Today I’m looking forward to dinner with great friends tonight and a few bevies, a weekend at home with Hubby and a visit to the market. Heading to Warrnambool for the fun4kids festival next week too. What are looking forward to? And have you being enjoying these beautiful days as much as I have?

Bel x


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