What’s a tooth worth these days?

A couple of weeks ago, I called Princess my baby girl, to which she responded that she wasn’t my baby anymore Ragamuffin was. I told her she will always be my baby……. but now I know, she is my girl, my big girl, and if fact she was right, she’s not my baby girl anymore.

I love a good milestone, a birthday, anything to celebrate, but I wouldn’t say I’m emotional, or a crier with these things, that is up until a few weeks ago!  I looked at Princess smiling at me one day a few weeks back and noticed a huge gap in her teeth at the front. “Holy hell, she’s going to need braces just like I did!” I said to myself, that was until I recalled the gap wasn’t there yesterday! It was in fact rather her first wobbly tooth, cue Mum’s eyes watering and Princess laughing and telling ME it was going to be ok!

I’ve been checking the tooth daily, because, even though it has meant my baby girl isn’t my baby girl anymore, it’s seriously flippin’ exciting! On Sunday I could tell it was starting to annoy her, she was playing with it a lot with her tongue and lips. I checked the wobble, and told her she would loose it for sure on the holidays, before she headed back to Kinder. Little did I realize that in less than a couple of hours, it would go from wobbly to hanging on by a thread and bleeding, with one scared little girl who hates blood. With one touch from Mumma, that first wobbly tooth became the first one she would loose, and yes, I’ll admit I cried.


I thought I had my time to prepare, do something special, but of course the universe had other plays. I rushed around at home to get everything done before heading out to the computer and sourcing some Tooth Fairy paperwork. But my question to you is, what is a tooth worth these days? Princess’s friend told her as she lost the tooth “Wow Princess, you know you get $10 for your first one!”. I was like hold up, $10!! We were lucky to get a bit of gold!! So what would you give for a first lost tooth?

Bel x



7 thoughts on “What’s a tooth worth these days?

  1. Salz says:

    Thought I should comment here. We do $5 for the first tooth then $1 for every tooth after. You just can’t get anything with 20c or 50c any more.

    • amumsreality says:

      So true, even a gold coin these days doesn’t get you too much but Princess is a good saver, so it will be put to good use I’m sure! Thanks for popping by x

  2. Cassie says:

    We did $5 for the first and then a gold coin thereafter, depending on what was in the purse at the time. The only time it was worth more was when Miss Now 16 knocked her two front teeth out at the pool and needed a Trip to the RCH, that was worth extra!

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