When having fun becomes all a bit too much

School Holidays…..some love em and some love to hate em. As a teacher, I love them! And as a Mum, I do too, it means I get some good quality time with my kiddies.

Cue day one of holidays and Princess asking “what are we doing today?”, to which I calmly replied “listen here kiddo. You have over two weeks holidays and I’m telling you right now, we will NOT be doing something every day! Got it?”.

But after a couple of catch ups, a three day trip to Warrnambool for the Fun4Kids Festival and then a camping trip over the weekend, plus a possible three day trip to Echuca too, meant that we kinda haddone the exact opposite of doing something every day!

But the fun all seems to have become too much, with Ragamuffin’s naps completely up the shitta due to a runny nose and also sleeping in various places. And then Princess who has never been a tantrum thrower, throwing a whopper the other day! Needless to say I was totally shocked and disappointed all rolled into one.

So it was decided, no trip to Echuca (not to mention I don’t know whether I could handle a third three hour drive!), canceling catch ups and sticking close to home.

Already the kids seem more settled, so do I. We still have plans, a girls night at the movies and Ragamuffin’s first trip to the swimming pool. But for now, we are enjoying being at home, not watching the clock and taking time to just be. I don’t regret the rush of the first week, but next holidays, I’ll definitely stretch out all of our activities.

So, what do you think about school holidays and how do you tackle them?

Bel x


One thought on “When having fun becomes all a bit too much

  1. linbritt says:

    Totally agree Bel. I’ve found that holidays are the perfect time to go out and do everything you don’t have time for during the term, but then it cuts out relaxing/do nothing time. The kids (and I) need those days of bumming around the house and twiddling our thumbs. it makes those fun outings even more fun and we have the reserves of energy to enjoy them

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