Welcome to “The Life Files”

This year I’ve noticed increasingly that as Princess quickly creeps up to her fifth birthday, that I am thinking more about topics I previously haven’t. Sometimes, Hubby and I have a clear cut answer, other times there is healthy debate and a lot of to and fro-ing.

So I’ve decided to open a new section on my blog called “The Life Files” beginning tomorrow with a discussion about pocket money and the gender divide, and running fortnightly on a Wednesday. Here we will discuss various topics ranging from the tooth fairy and how much she gives, to when to allow your child to have their first sleepover, topics that you may have thought of and others you may not of! Anything really that as parents, we may eventually have to ponder.

If you have any burning topics or would even like to contribute in the form of a guest post (even if you are not a blogger), feel free to email me on belgibson80@yahoo.com I’d love to hear from you! And make sure you join in on our judgement free, constructive and friendly discussions as they happen in the upcoming weeks! So join me in the discussions and put through some ideas, can’t wait to see where this takes us!

Bel x


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