Update on those grey clouds

I wanted to right this post yesterday to update you all about how I was doing after writing this last week. I didn’t write it yesterday because I was a bit scared, scared that my mood had only lifted because I had Hubby at home with me all weekend to be my support and lend a hand with the kids. We had a great weekend, which included Ragamuffin sleeping the best during the day than he ever has before (of course he would, his Dad was home!), and then he followed that awesome day up by sleeping through the night for the very first time, no 4am bottle, nothing, not a single peep!

We stayed home this weekend, even though it we had it free and we could’ve headed to the van, instead we worked around the house and got many things ticked off the ‘to do list’ (including me painting the front door like I said I wanted to). Sunday morning we went for a long walk as a family (because our day starts at 7am) and stopped off at a Cafe for breakfast, what an awesome way to start a day. And then we had friends over last night for dinner and a few quiet drinks. The weekend really was just all kinds of simplified perfect.


I said to Hubby Sunday morning that my mood felt much improved, and this morning I woke worrying that today I may just slip back. Instead, we woke and I dropped Princess at Kinder, Ragamuffin had an hour nap this morning while I tidied and managed some computer time just for me. Once he woke and had his bottle, I popped him in the pram and headed down the street to grab a few things. I could’ve easily jumped in the car but I’m making a concerted effort to just get out and move, and not to mention Melbourne has really turned it on with the beautiful weather today. There is now pumpkin soup cooking on the stove, all the chores are done and Ragamuffin is back down for his (hopefully) biggest nap of the day.

I still have to head to the Doctors on Thursday, she wants to see me. I honestly think that the injection has caused havoc with my body this last month, with four weeks of my monthly meetings, that was surely going to make me moody right? So I’m hoping that the worst of things have well and truly passed and I am slowly getting back to my normal self.

How are you feeling today?

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Update on those grey clouds

  1. Jane Hallisey says:

    Oh Bel, so happy to hear you are having a better week!! Maybe last week was just a bad week (full moon may have caused it!??!)
    Sometimes its just got to be a bit of a roller coaster… but its so nice to see that you have your positive energy back – I hope the rest of your week continues on the same note and I hope Thursday goes ok!

    How good was this weather today??

    • amumsreality says:

      I’m so happy that yours got better too! I think it definitely had something to do with the moon, us teachers know all
      about the crazy effects it has on kids!
      I’ll totally agree too, today the weather was ah-mazing! Quickly boosts ones mood xx

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