Bright, Sun Shiny Day



I’ve had my Doctors appointment after that horrible week, looks like the injection could well have been the cause for my increasing and storm clouded moods. Looks like I wont be having it again, which I am more than fine with, I didn’t like the person I became in the last month and I don’t want that to happen again thats for sure. Disappointing though because my severe migraines were actually helped with the injection, but I guess this is the price I will have to pay. I have a ‘next’ option which is a bit more invasive but should work almost the same, minus the bitchy moods!

My week after I admitted I had turned into some crazed cow, became much better. I was thinking much more positively and taking each day as it came. Princess and I had fun together and I yelled at her a lot less, my tolerance level had previously been at an all time low, but things are back on track. Ragamuffin became an angel for his Mumma, a text book baby if you will, finally sleeping for hours at a time during the day meant that I got such much needed ‘me’ time, I even said to hell with the house work a few times. I know things with him will probably change again next week, that’s the thing with babies, so I will enjoy it while it lasts and keep rolling with the punches when they come.

I definitely think though, my positive mindset helped me a lot during the week. Each morning I would wake with a fresh and renewed outlook, I have been more relaxed because of it and I am sure the kids have sensed that too. Having ‘me’ time has also helped, doing things that I love, like writing here, reading my favorite blogs, venturing outside to take photographs, crocheting, meditating, I even bought and read a magazine. All of it helped, it all did! 

Sure there were still some crappy moments thrown in there, but all in all, I was back to me and enjoyed my time with the kids.

How was your week?



4 thoughts on “Bright, Sun Shiny Day

  1. mummyflyingsolo says:

    Can I ask what your other option is for contraceptive?? I find I can’t take hormone contraceptives as they make me crazy so I’d be interested to hear what you’ve been recommended. Glad things are improving for you 🙂

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