The Life Files: chores v’s family responsibility


Following on from our first discussion about Pocket-money and the gender divide, I’d like to discuss whether in your home you have or would have, chores and then separate from that, family responsibilities.

I think this one is definitely a personal choice in each home, but I would love to see what you would class as family responsibilities and not chores. In thinking about it, I believe that in my home, first and foremost, everyone has the family responsibility to take care of their own belongings and their own living space (for example, bedrooms and exclusive playroom/living areas, and putting away belongings). I would ‘expect’ Princess and Ragamuffin to have their beds made and their rooms tidy, which would also encompass, putting their washing in the laundry and also putting their washing away (however, putting washing away could be a chore negotiated within the family if one was willing to do it for the family). See, the lines are already blurring aren’t they? Things like washing dishes, putting out bins, even setting the table, would be chores in my home, as would vacuuming and dusting.

I guess, through the family responsibilities, I would be trying to teach my children a sense of taking care of what is theirs and being responsible if something were to happen to their own belongings and a sense of pride in their living space (being their bedroom and play area).

So what do you think, would you have family responsibilities and chores, or just chores, or even just straight out responsibilities and expectations without any monetary payment? Love to hear your thoughts!

Bel x


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