Friday Favorites

Welcome back to another edition of Friday Favorites, where I share some of the things I have loved out there on the Interwebs this week. I’d love it if you shared some of yours with me too!

I loved this post by Ashley, I think it really sums up how it sometimes feels to be a Mum, I think you’ll do a bit of head nodding reading it.

I always love when a post pops up from Kelle, always! The photographs in this post are as always beautiful. But I love the first section where she talks about her friendship, I long for friendships like this and memories too, I think I finally have a few girlfriends who I can see myself staying up with til the wee hours (maybe though when our kids are more grown and sleep isn’t such a precious commodity!).

Seems like Kylie is having a week like I did a few back. The way she has written about it is spot on, “history telling me this will end soon” made me nod my head in agreement. Pay her a visit.

When I attended the Pizza Masterclass this week, I spied Claire across the room but was a little too chicken to spark up a conversation. I really think this is an awesome way to live, it’s made me get a few things out today.

Get some inspiration from these bloggers and their blogging spaces.

I need one of these and want the matching kettle, but need to bite the bullet and spend the money!

And lastly, I had a few people ask me after seeing my polaroid frame above my desk where I indeed had them printed. Visit Printstagram, they have some beautiful products you can make with you instagram and iphone photos.

Bel x


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Kim says:

    Love reading your Friday faves. One of my favourite experiences this week was looking at the gorgeous photos of Moments that Matter over at Little Eco Footprints. Helped me breathe deeper and refocus.

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