Pizza Masterclass

this post is not sponsored, I did however I did attend an event and was gifted some products to try out at home
A couple of weeks ago Hubby rang me, he’d found a pizza oven, on sale, “should we get it?” he asked. Now if you know us, or read here, you’ll know that we entertain most weekends. Our outside area is decked out with couches, tables and chairs, heaters and fires, BBQ ……… and now a pizza oven! It just so happened, that two days after this, I was invited to a Blogger Connect Event, which just so happened to be a Pizza Masterclass, run by the awesome folks at Keep Left.

Two reasons to say “Yes!!”, we now own a pizza oven, so some pizza making tips would be awesome AND it would give me a chance to once again test out my anxiety and go out and meet some new Bloggers.


Hubby and I have been trying out a range of pizza bases since getting the oven. It’s involved a lot of trial and error really to find one that suits us and our tastes. I totally didn’t know that Bakers Delight made pizza bases, so lucky they were there on the night and we got to have a go at making pizzas with them. The best part was that if they are too thick for your liking, you just give them a bit of a roll over with a pin. I’m normally a thick crust kinda girl but thought I’d test this out, and it worked a treat! You can also get mini versions as well as wholemeal. I’m looking forward to purchasing some in the very near future.


Our master class began with our lovely Chef’s taking us through a couple of pointers on making the perfect pizza. Firstly though, they made two cheese pizzas to demonstrate what not to use and why. We are totally guilty here at no.2 using tasty cheese on our pizzas, but I tell ya, never again after I saw the amount of oil dripping off that pizza after being cooked! So number one tip, use Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese, it has a blend of cheese in it which makes it tastier, way less oily and gives you that amazing stretch when you bite a piece of pizza away. The other tip which I took note of, especially being a plain jane kinda pizza girl, was sometimes less is definitely more when it comes to making a great pizza.


Then it was on to making our own concoction! I decided to get a little brave and move slightly away from my regular Aussie or Hawiian without pineapple. There was soooo much to produce to choose from thanks to Woolworths and beautiful sauces to use on our bases from Leggos. If you normally use their tomato paste for your bases, give their Sugo di Pomodoro with Italian Herbs and Basil a go, yummo!!

I decided to go with a bit of ham, cheese, tomato (which in itself is pretty brave for me, I have a thing with some foods and texture) as well as some pumpkin. Yep, you heard it right, pumpkin, believe me, it was all kinds of yum! Can you just smell my pizza through your screen, can you? The three steps of making a great pizza according to our Chefs, the base, preparation (what do you want on your pizza), and garnish (ricotta, oil, rocket).





While our pizzas cooked away, we headed over to little Italy in the Keep Left office, a gorgeous little set up to enjoy some good company, great food and drink. I sipped on a very nice OJ while other guests enjoyed white and red wine, champagne and beer from Dan Murphys, maybe next time they’ll bring some vodka along to go with my OJ.



Apart from learning a thing or more about making a great pizza (also chucking it on a nice wooden board can bring your presentation to friends to a whole other level – I loved the boards we used from Maxwell&Williams), is that at these events (not like I’ve been to stacks or anything) you always come away with meeting at least a couple of awesome people who you can hold a great conversation with. I shared my little table with two lovely ladies, Jess, who I actually connected with early that day on twitter with when she posted

“I’m off to a fabulous Pizza Masterclass tonight and am excited about catching up with fellow bloggers. Having ransacked the wardrobe, I’ve opted for my black skinny jeans with the maternity waistband. No, I’m not pregnant, just comfortably allowing room for PIZZA”……..

I thought, now that’s my kind of chick and responded. It made sense on the night that we ended up chatting, cooking next to each other and then going on a ‘date’ to eat our pizza. Check out her Blog, Whoa Mumma, however at the moment, she is much more active on her Facebook page, which I would link to if I didn’t have a month left of my blackout! The other lovely lady I met was Katie, who writes over at Mumabytes, beautiful lady with stories to tell. And would you believe she has only been blogging for about a month? Head on over, she has a great space there.

And so, I had an awesome night. No panic attack, even when I did miss a turn off into a street in the city which put another twenty minutes on my trip. Nor did I have one when I arrived and knew not a single person!! I came out of the event unscathed, with a couple of new bloggy friends, knowledge about how to make a kick-ass pizza AND some goody bags to put to the test over the weekend.

Bel x



10 thoughts on “Pizza Masterclass

  1. Nina @ What's for eats says:

    Bel, I was a bit nervous going to the masterclass too, not knowing anyone and being a generally shy person but I am so glad I said Yes to the invite and went. It was so much fun! I am having a pizza cook off tomorrow night with my bag of goodies we got to take home. P.S. loving the pumpkin on your pizza!!


    • amumsreality says:

      I was so glad I said yes too! They can be a bit daunting when you walk in but once you find one or two people you connect to it makes it easy. I think I spied you on the table next to me eating your creation. I can’t wait for thew weekend to try out all the goodies! Your cook off sounds like lots of fun, enjoy x

  2. Belinda says:

    Do you have a bread maker bel?
    I make my pizza dough in a bread maker, just throw in a couple of ingredients and it does the work and it tastes amazing made from scratch.
    I buy the lighthouse bread and pizza flour from coles or woolies and the recipe is on the back.
    Sometimes you need a splash more olive oil and warm water than it says but its so easy.
    Your pizza looked amazing. Im going to try the pumpkin.

    • amumsreality says:

      It was so good to get out, and even better when there is no anxiety! It seems when I have a baby my focus is there so I don’t have time to panic, hopefully it lasts this time though x

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