Taking Stock

I loved this post from Pip so I thought I would join in too.

Making : a crocheted blanket for myself
Cooking : hearty soups for lunch
Drinking : more water and less soft drink
Reading: catching up with my favorite blogs
Wanting: some bloggers on ‘The Daily Edition’
Looking: at the hints of spring outside
Playing: with the kids, always
Wasting: time on my phone, again!
Sewing: haven’t gotten out the machine in a while
Wishing: Hubby was on the same wave length in regards to one small issue
Enjoying: some ‘me’ time
Waiting: for Princess to wake up so we can craft together
Liking: the fact that I moved my butt today and yesterday
Wondering: if I we should go ahead with a plan I have for the family
Loving: my Hubby giving me massages and cheering me along
Hoping: that my instincts are right
Marvelling: at how quickly Ragamuffin is growing
Needing: chocolate (or maybe I’m just wanting it)
Smelling: a candle burning
Wearing: jeans and a knit
Following: my heart
Noticing: how crazy beautiful my home is in Winter
Knowing: that I am in desperate need of a sleep in
Thinking: I should really get the washing off the line
Feeling: relaxed
Bookmarking: another new blog find
Opening: packages, god I love online shopping
Giggling: At Ragamuffin’s crying face
Feeling: tired

Head over to Pip’s blog, copy and paste and join in if you like!

Bel x


5 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Lecinda says:

    love it! it seems like we are all looking for those first few hints of spring, not long to go now only a few weeks! I can’t wait for daylight savings to come back 🙂 hope your having a good day xo

  2. Bec | Mumma Tells says:

    I’ve seen a few people play along with these. What a fun away to capture the present moment! I love that your crocheting a blanket for yourself. All of my craft projects are always for others. Maybe I should add myself to the list? X

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