The Facebook Update!

I have one week to go on my Facebook blackout, just one week! The three months have flown really and I’ve done it a lot easier than I honestly thought I would! I’ll admit, I was addicted, I would check it numerous times a day and with easy access to my iphone, it made it all the more easy to just click in and click out. I realise now it totally wasn’t healthy how often I visited, and since logging off have realised how wonderful it is to connect with people face to face, via the telephone and also letters. This is a side of the blackout I have loved and will continue vigorously!

I’m still not sure what I am going to do when the week is over, I know I will log back on but I am not sure in what capacity. So dear readers out there, if you could start your Facebook profile again and start a fresh, how would you do it, and what would you change?

I definitely want to be more active on the Life at no2 page, I want to work at building my community there, and I also love the Blogs. I also only see other Blogs that I have liked in my feed there, which is great, I also don’t remember ever seeing ads there either shhhhh! There are people I miss there, and I know there are people who have missed me too. I’m torn between unfriending everyone and then starting again from scratch, but then I have thoughts that swing the other way. Argh, what to do!!

So help me out guys, I’m really torn, what would you do if you could start it all over again?

Bel x



7 thoughts on “The Facebook Update!

  1. Jacinta says:

    When I went back after my week off I deleted over 100 people (I was deleting faster than my iPad so some went by mistake) but you know what none of those 100 odd people tried to re add me so I knew I made the right decision! I also find I use it way less now I have a much smaller friends list! I used the ‘If I saw you in the street would I talk to you method’ when deciding who to delete! Good luck with your decision Bel!

    • amumsreality says:

      Thanks Jacinta, I think that might be a good approach. I definitely want to cull and that might be a great way to do it. So, do I need to request you when I log back on 😉

  2. homelifesimplified says:

    if i could do it over i would probably set up more groups carefully and check on the people i want to see – i have these lists but keep forgetting to use them and end up just browsing through all my newsfeed…

    3 mo is a huge break – looking forward to seeing your blog page pop up in my feed though! deb xx

    • amumsreality says:

      YES!!! I have groups too but each time I accepted a friend request, I would simply forget, and then it all just got too hard to manage! This is one of the reasons why I think I might cull the list completely and then just friend request and sort people all from scratch!

      I’m looking forward to being back on my blog page mostly, such a beautiful group of supportive people!

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