Crazy beautiful August/September

August/September is crazy beautiful for us here at no2. It can be a bank balance drainer but an awesome memory maker. I counted today, twelve birthdays for friends and kids of friends (and that hasn’t included new kinder friends that Princess has made), not to mention then the six immediate family birthdays including my own and Princess’, and lets just chuck in a wedding amongst there too!!


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My Princess will be turning five, oh my gosh, five, in something like eleven days! She is quite the young lady now, and when I look at her, as her parents I think we can be nothing but proud of who she has become and of our parenting, we must have done a few things right along the way!! She has decided she wants to get her ears pierced for her birthday, I’m not sure how she will go, but she thinks that she is ready and we are willing to support that. We will celebrate with family and friends yet again, and when all the candles have been blown out, all the cake eaten, presents unwrapped and paper strewn around, and everyone has left and she is tucked up in bed, Hubby and I will ponder where our baby has gone, but also look forward to such exciting times in the future for our girl.

And a couple of days before her birthday, it will be mine. I had to check what year we were in to work out how old I will in fact be turning, I believe it to be thrity-three. I still fell as though my age was paused way back when I was twenty-five, I guess we are only as young as we feel. I don’t dread birthdays or getting older, I love the celebration of it all, the being spoilt just for one day, just me and me alone! I love spending it with my family, our four as I like to call us. I have goals for myself for the next year, nothing big or crazy, more about self-improvement and self-love.

So yes, this month I am a little poorer, but my oh my, how much richer our lives have become due to some wonderful celebrations!!

What are you crazy beautiful months in the year?

Bel x


2 thoughts on “Crazy beautiful August/September

  1. linbritt says:

    Megan wanted her ears pierced when she turned 5 too. Must be the age for it! And I too have to check the year to see how old I am. It’s become irrelevant to me mostly. Just a number 🙂

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