Can you feel it?

Well can you Melbournians, can you feel it? With one week left of Winter, today I am starting to feel the first hints of Spring. The sun seems to be warmer today, there is only a soft breeze and the blue sky is vivid! Blooms are popping up slowly in the garden and the mornings don’t seem as cold. Can you feel it, the small hints of warmer weather, daylight savings approaching and the ability to fling open the doors and leave them wide open for the kids to run in and out?



We spent our weekend in our yard. We have made quite the little oasis out there in our little piece of suburbia. Princess loved being able to escape outside, making potions with plants, bark and water, running around the yard playing netball by herself and climbing all over that playground of hers with her friends. Ragamuffin spent time on the lawn and watched his sister, the soft clouds move in the sky, and the plants swaying gently to and fro. He even had his first go in the swing.





We talked, drank, ate, sat and soaked in the weather, while the background was filled with giggles, squeels of delight, and music playing softly. The spit roast turned and occasionally threw out a scent enough to drive anyones hunger. And as the sun dropped below the fence line, and the air turned cooler, we put on the outdoor heaters and lit a fire in the chimnea, there was still no reason to head inside.  20130826-_DSC0701


After the weekend we had, and the weather that is slowly but surely changing into Spring, I’m looking forward to many more days and nights spent outside with our family, extended family and friends.

So tell me, can you feel the change in seasons beginning and what are you longing for the most?

Bel x


3 thoughts on “Can you feel it?

  1. Sarahdipity says:

    I’m sitting here right now with my front door open and I can almost smell the warm weather. I don’t think I’ve never been so eager to see spring/summer..winter with a toddler is a killer!

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