Taking Stock – the beginning of September Edition

The beginning of a new month and a new season, so I thought I would sit back and take stock once again, thanks to Pip’s lovely list!

Making: some time for myself
Cooking: scrambled eggs on toast
Drinking: I should be having tea but I’m drinking a Pepsi Max instead
Reading: catching up on my blogreader, which is totally full!
Watching: ABC for kids…..why is it still on when the kids are in bed??!
Looking: at my beautifully inspiring desk area
Playing: with my oracle cards
Wasting: time while I should be doing the washing
Sewing: nothing
Wishing: of a bush life
Enjoying: time to just sit and breath after a crazy few weeks
Waiting: for the kids to nod off
Liking: the warmer weather
Wondering: when the rain will stop today
Loving: the smell of rain on a hot road
Hoping: the kids have a big nap today
Marvelling: that I am now a Mum to a five year old
Needing: a really good sleep in
Smelling: candles burning
Wearing: my pjamas at midday!
Following: some wonderful blogs
Noticing: that I really do love a spot of me time in each day
Knowing: that I really shouldn’t have had that bit of slice, or the bit I want now!
Thinking: about too many things at once
Feeling: flustered and overwhelmed
Bookmarking: lots of Christmas goodies for Santa to buy
Opening: bills, yuck!
Giggling: at the things kids say and do
Feeling: not guilty at all for sitting on my butt today

Bel x


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