Healthy and Mindful

This is a sponsored post. I received products specifically for an honest review, all opinions stated are my own.

As parents, we are always mindful of the food that we are giving our kids. Lets face it, as Mum’s most of us start out with really good intentions, mashing up vegetables and fruit for our wee ones and stocking up that freezer for the months to come. But sometimes, let’s be honest, a hard week here and there, or being out and about more often than not calls for a bit of convenience to make our job just that little bit easier.

Whenever I am asked to review a product here, I always do a bit of research….. is it something my family and I would be interested in, and would my readers be interested too? So when I got an email asking if I wanted sample some Bellamy’s Organic baby products, I jumped on the net and did some research before I said yes. Apart from the fact that I am mindful of what I give my children to eat, Hubby and I are big believers in supporting Australian owned and made products and companies. So when I discovered Bellamy’s are in fact just a small Tasmanian based company, it already ticked a box for me!! Bellamy’s Organic started back in 2004 in Launceston as a family-operated business and since 2007 has been the only acquisition of Tasmanian Pure Foods Ltd. They have a small and dedicated team of just 25 people, with building customer relationships being high on their priority list…..isn’t that just amazing!

After reading about Bellamy’s Organic, I jumped at the chance to try some of their products. Two things that struck me immediately about Bellamy’s…. the first being that they are the only certified organic brand that is 100% Australian made and the second was the way the food smelt and tasted!


I was lucky enough to receive products that not only Ragamuffin could try out but also Princess. Princess loves her fruit, so the Pear and Apple Snacks were a definite hit, taking them to kinder for most of the week for her healthy snack. She also liked the pinkies, which are fruit bars, a quick and easy snack to chuck in lunch boxes and tiny enough to throw in your handbag as an emergency snack!


The Organic Baby Porridge had a really nice texture, and with a dash of the Cinnamon, Berries and Apple from the new range of ready to serve baby food pouches, Ragamuffin demolished a whole bowl! I’m guessing that that is a good sign that it tasted great!



The more you share with your face, the better the food is apparently!

But mostly I was impressed by the new ready to serve baby food pouches. Every Mum loves a bit of convenience but without compromising on the healthiness of the food we are giving our children, with Bellamy’s I didn’t have that worry about that at all. And have you ever tried baby food before? Well let me tell you, I had a small taste the other week of another brand and it was watered down, smelt badly and didn’t look too crash hot either, it was supposed to be chicken and vegetables, but I’m still not so sure! Ragamuffin tried the Organic Pumpkin and Tomato Risotto pouch, and loved it! He scoffed it down, even growled at me a few times because I wasn’t giving it to him fast enough. I also gave it a little go, and guess what!? It actually tasted like what it said it was! It wasn’t watered down and it smelt so delicious! On this basis alone, I would continue to buy Bellamy’s Organic ready to serve pouches and other baby food products!


And what young kid doesn’t love a good teething rusk hey? Plus I just had to add this photo because of his eyes, oh those eyes, I could swim in them for hours!!

So seriously, if you haven’t already tried some or their products, especially the new pouches, give Bellamy’s Organic a go, I wasn’t disappointed and I am sure you wont be either. They are stocked at Coles and Woolworths, although my two stores didn’t seem to have a good range of their products which was disappointing, however, never fear, head to your local Chemist Warehouse that stock nearly the full range, and at a decent comparative price too.

Let me know if you give their stuff a go and what you think, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Bel x


5 thoughts on “Healthy and Mindful

  1. naomi says:

    i also used the baby formula, switching over from a well known brand. the old brand smelt disgusting (and like chemicals), tasted disgusting. Bellamys formula when you took off the lid actually smelt like milk! much nicer. also love the food pouches.

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