Time keeps ticking by

Today I find myself wondering where the hell six months has gone?! My little, or not so little Ragamuffin today is six whole months old. The day he arrived, he slotted right into our family and the wonderful life we live, just like he had always been there.



I look back I honestly believe that I wished the better part of Princess’ first year of life away. She was a hard baby and I was always looking forward to that next milestone, wishing her to sleep through, to sleep at all during the day, to crawl, to walk, to get teeth, to not be so clingy and on and on it went. In turn, that year dragged painfully slow, probably sending me a bit batty along with it. But with Ragamuffin, I have enjoyed the here and now, the milestones will come eventually, but I’ve just enjoyed him as he is each day but in turn this six months seems to have gone super fast! My newborn is now a gooing and gaaing smiling baby, whose eyes light up when I lift him out of bed after each sleep, who thinks his Sister in seriously the ants pants and who looks to the door for his Dad to get home from work.

Six months! I’ve cherished each and every day and night and will cherish the next six just as much.

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Time keeps ticking by

  1. Bec Schuler says:

    Oh this simple post brought a tear to my eye, I agree the last 6 months of my life have disappeared. Yes they have been blissful, crazy, nights with long sleeps and many more which have been long and difficult, but here I am just like you…..anticipating the next 6 with hopes they don’t travel nearly as fast as the past 6!!

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