On dreams and goals

Sometimes I feel like I just need to write down my thoughts here, sometimes they are jumbled in my mind but when I come here they seem to come out right, so lets just see how I go today! So I’ve been thinking a lot about what the difference between having dreams and having goals actually is, or are they just one in the same? For me the line between them seems to fade and blur and I can’t seem to tell the difference.

So, can your dreams not be your goals too? Or are dreams just too far out there to achieve sometimes and that is why we call them dreams?

We have a dream at the moment or maybe it’s goal, or maybe it’s really a dream, or maybe it’s a dream that we want to make into a goal. I’m not sure whether we will ever get there, it may just be out of our reach……so is that when our goal reverts back to being a dream, until maybe we could possibly make it a reality? And then does it come down to wants and needs too…… maybe we should just be happy with what we have, instead of always trying to get things that we ‘want’ and not necessarily need? But then, what is life without dreams and goals?


and then I found this, something to ponder perhaps?

Round and round in circles my mind goes, so does Hubby’s. And so it seems does this post! But I’d love to know your take on it, what do you think the difference is between dreams and goals, and do you currently have your own?

Bel x


5 thoughts on “On dreams and goals

  1. Sarahdipity says:

    Hmm I often ponder this too. I think often we’re scared to say our dreams out loud and try to achieve them for fear of failure. But as the saying goes “You gotta have a dream. If you don’t have one, how are you going to make it come true?” I say why not try to reach for the stars and see if you can make your dreams a reality! Start by writing it down and breaking it into steps just like the quote you’ve shown above says.

  2. Bec | Mumma Tells says:

    I hear you on this. And I LOVE that quote above. I’ve always thought that a goal is more tangible than a dream. But oh, how I love to dream. Although, if I really think about it, the line is very blurred for me too.
    I hope you reach whatever it is you are aiming for and dreaming of, Bel. X

  3. Kim says:

    I often use the term ‘goal’ and ‘dream’ interchangeably. I think it can depend on your mindset at the time – fear of taking the risk or actually striving to do something that may be hard. The optimist in me says you should make all your dreams goal, because then you are actively planning to take steps to achieve them. Go for whatever your heart desires Bel xx

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