Thank you to you

I’ve been a little slack with the Life Files that I’ve been doing fortnightly on a Wednesday. My last one you, my beautiful readers helped me so much. I was worried about having to explain to Princess the whole process of cremation and how many questions she would in fact ask. I should’ve just backed myself up really, I knew the answer, but you know what it’s like being a Mum sometimes, you second guess yourself.

Anyway, I thought I would give you all a really quick update. We headed away last weekend with the family to do the scattering of Pop’s ashes, at exactly the same spot we scattered my Grandma’s ashes all those years ago. The morning of, Phoebe asked what was ‘in that bag?’….. deep breath taken I reminded her that Poppy had died and that she knew all about cemeteries. I told her that before you died, you had a choice, you could either be buried or be turned into dust, and that Poppy had chosen to become dust. I then explained where we were going and what we were going to do, once we scattered the dust, his soul (which I referred back to the beautiful part on our insides) would go to heaven. She was happy with that, there were no more questions except could she please help scatter the dust.





And so with that, as a family (just before the weather turned nasty), we parked our cars and said goodbye.

I’m so proud of my girl for her understanding and maturity. She is indeed a beautiful soul herself.

And thank you to you all for your kind words, support and advice…… this is EXACTLY why I love blogging and the relationships you can form!

Bel x


8 thoughts on “Thank you to you

  1. Sarahdipity says:

    Gorgeous pics Bel. You explained it all very well to p and you should be very proud of her, she took it all in her stride & I think her positivity about it all made it easier on others too.

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