Wrapped in light

I find myself lately spending a lot of my day in our master bedroom. Despite the fact that it needs a good clean, dust fairies swim in the air and it needs a good de-clutter, I’m loving the way the light falls on to the bed and wraps us in warm light. We open the curtains in the morning before I feed Ragamuffin, and we lay together, just the three of us, chatting, laughing and eating. In the afternoons we sit here and do the same, afternoon tea, another bottle, and this time some picture story books, a game or some flash cards.







And seriously, how cute are babies in pj’s, I die!!

While Princess was at Kinder this morning Ragamuffin and I, cuddled, tickled and played quietly before he headed off for his morning nap. I’ve been getting better at having my camera handy and taking my photos on that than with my iphone. I might make this one a series, haha, photos in the bedroom! Watch out for Princess tomorrow if I get some time!

What is your favorite room at your place at the moment?

Bel x


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