Bathing in the afternoon light

Wednesday afternoon, straight after lunch when Ragamuffin is tucked up and sound asleep in his cot, Princess and I sneak into my room and under the covers for a quick afternoon nap (yes, I know how lucky I am to have a five year old that still needs and wants an afternoon nap!). When we wake, we stay beside each other, cuddling and tickling each others backs while we have whispered conversations. Sometimes we sneak a drink of water and some chocolate too, tell jokes and giggle. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.







She’s all about the fashion at the moment and has a penchant for stockings, dresses and jewelry. Her beautiful insides always shine outwards…… a few weeks back we watched a documentary on children in the slums of Africa, of course we explained it all to her. But today whilst we cleaned her playroom (again!!) she came up to me with a few items and said “Mum, I want to give these to the kids that live in the sheds, you know, like the ones we learnt about from the TV?”, just like that, out of nowhere! Moments like that make me so proud that she is our girl and that we are her parents, we must be doing something right!

Bel x


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