Taking Stock – the beginning of October Edition

The beginning of a new month and a new season, so I thought I would sit back and take stock once again, thanks to Pip’s lovely list!

Making: still plodding away on my quilt, I’ve been a bit slack lately.

Cooking: triple chocolate chip muffins, oh so naughty!

Drinking: water!

Reading: Just started Gone Girl

Watching: Wonderland via my phone on Apple TV, I actually like it!

Looking: At a list of cards I have to replace after my wallet went missing, again, this time for good though it seems 😦

Playing: with the kids, always

Wasting: money on myself this week, but hell, I reckon I deserved it!

Sewing: about to make some beanbags for the kids to toss out of old muslin wraps.

Wishing: that Hubby had today off after such an awesome weekend together.

Enjoying: the beginning of daylight savings, it’s past six pm and I still don’t need lights on!

Waiting: for Christmas and holidays with the family away in our van.

Liking: going to the gym, never thought


Wondering: what the hell really happened to my purse??!!

Loving: my Hubby and the time we are spending together lately.

Hoping: that soon I’ll start feeling amazing about my own body again.

Marvelling: at how quickly Ragamuffin has grown! He has his first tooth you know?

Needing: a nice hot bath.

Smelling: our wood fire and muffins cooling on the bench.

Wearing: jeans and a new, bright singlet top.

Following: no one, I’m being my own person.

Noticing: that Princess sleeps much longer during the day now that I have cut her nap to every second day.

Knowing: that chocolate does make it all better 😉

Thinking: about next year and work, already!

Feeling: sore after my first personal training session at the gym, I know my arms and legs are still attached, I’m just finding it hard feeling them!

Bookmarking: Christmas party ideas!

Opening: up bills, all the yuck!

Giggling: at things people say.

Feeling: refreshed.

Bel x


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