Friday Favorites, I’m baaackkk!

Phew, feels like I haven’t been here in a long while! I’m way behind on my blog writing AND reading! So forgive me if some of these posts that I share with you go back a few weeks, never mind, they are still my faves anyway!!

Dre is an old friend, and I’m not afraid to admit I was jealous reading this post

I do love this little project

Can I get a “hell yeah!”

With lovers, there is always haters, and I loved this response!

Picture me sobbing while reading this and then clicking the link, my Mumma hormones are in overdrive!

For all those Mumma’s and pregnant women out there, you’ll be agreeing with most things in this post!

Love a good recipe and another and another for good measure!

Want this and maybe her body too 😉

You KNOW we love our Elf on the Shelf, so anything to help me out with him gets a gold star!

Cute, and maybe a good gift idea?

A Manifesto!

Always love reading posts from Susannah

As this post goes up I shall be away for two whole nights with a bunch of girlfriends, child free and husband free. There will be drinks, sleep-ins, a relaxing visit to the hot springs, lazing around, catching up, LOTS of laughs (there always is!) eating meals HOT and interrupted by calls of “Mum” or “Hun” …….. and believe me it IS as good as it sounds! Hopefully there will be a post about it when I return.

In the meantime, I have just enrolled in my first ever e-course, which I was totally nervous about doing, mainly because of the dollars I spent on it, eeek! I’m sure it will be all kinds of awesome and I’m really looking forward to it starting in a few weeks. I’m keeping the home fires burning and longing for Christmas, celebrations, summer holidays and sending my beautiful girl off to school (she is sooooo ready!!).

Hope you have a great weekend!

Bel x






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