Planning a girls weekend

Please excuse the overuse of exclamation marks, I’m excited ok????

You totally know where I am right now if you read last nights post! I’m away on a girls weekend. Yep, that’s right. Not a girls night but a girls weekend! Two whole nights, two whole days. This year we are staying on a golf course in can what only be described as a small palace, fit for, well, us! We will be heading to the Hot Springs for the day too, sitting in the springs and stuffing our faces with a gourmet lunch while sitting in our bath robes. Did I mention that the lunch would be hot too, because hey, we are all Mum’s and usually by the time we feed the kids, mop up spills and dish up our own, it’s well, cold!


You can find us and this image here!

Some of us will go to bed early, because lets face it, sleep is pretty flippin precious when you are up numerous times during the night and awake before the birds are singing, ahhhhh, unbroken sleep! And some of us will stay up late, drinking, dancing, laughing, falling down (and maybe head resting on the side of a bucket). Unleash ladies, unleash!! And some of us will find the balance between both, meaning a great sleep, with some great fun, minus the hangover. It’s just a great time really, it really is!

I’ve heard comments “Oh I’m soooo jealous”, “Wish I had a girls weekend” etcetera etcetera, and to you I say this: once upon a time that was us! We were saying, “why do the boys get to have all the fun? Why don’t we have a girls weekend!?”, until we just bit the bullet and did it!! The only ones holding us back from doing it were us, our Husbands were wrapt, wrapt that we are getting away to have a great time, and wrapt that they get the kids all to themselves. Disclaimer: please don’t expect your children to be as well dressed as you would have them dressed, nor for your house to be spotless when you return. It’s just how the cookie crumbles and how our Husbands roll.

And then so it began. We picked a date, we picked a place and then it all happened after that.

So some tips from me:

*Nominate an organiser, you can change it every year if you want, but get someone with skills. I’m a bit of an organising Queen, I totally love it! I organised our first girls weekend and the rest, I’m totally happy for anyone else to take over, but until then, I’m honestly happy to do it.

*Have a location brainstorm. We always try to think of places within a two hour radius of where we live. Some of us are working, and some are not, so we need somewhere that isn’t too far where girls are rocking up at midnight after work. Also, if something happens with the younger kiddies (which has happened in the past) then it’s just a quick drive to us or for us to get home.

*No rules! Our group is a mixed bag, so the weekend is about doing what you want. We go out for dinner one night and try to head to a day spa together, but the rest is up to you. If you want to read, sleep, drink, party, go disco dancing, or have a quiet one in, then that’s what you do.

*accommodation is key! We have a group ranging between six to ten girls, so we hire large houses, and the cost is keep down. The most we have paid for accommodation was $150 each for the two nights. But we stay in luxury. I use to find great places, usually narrow it down to two or three and throw it out there for the girls to choose.

*Food, glorious food. The first couple of years we used to take our own drinks and snacks, holy hell though, we used to end up with waaaay too much! So this year, one of us is cooking dinner for us all the Friday night, then half are taking breakfast stuff and the other half is taking snacks. We bring our own drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

*Drivers. We try to go in small groups to minimise the cars at the property and also so we have company driving down.

So, get to it girls, organise a weekend away!! It doesn’t have to be for two nights, start off small with one. What’s holding you back? Any questions, shoot them my way…… or maybe I should be come a girls weekend planner, now there’s an idea!!

Bel x


6 thoughts on “Planning a girls weekend

  1. bakeplaysmile says:

    Have a fantastic weekend! We had a girls weekend at the hot springs earlier this year… it’s the perfect relaxing getaway!!! I think we may have stayed at the same place as you too, as we were at the golf course! Enjoy!! xx

  2. Belinda says:

    Hope you had a ball Bel!
    I had a girls weekend at daylesford this weekend. . So relaxing and its just so great to catch up with everyone.
    Once everyone makes the effort to actually gets off their bums and plan the weekend everyone always has so much fun.
    Cant wait to do it again!!!

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